Best Baby Carriers for Your Next Family Vacation

Baby or childwearing can be a lifesaver when you’re traveling as a family with littles.  It gives you two free hands and also keeps your kiddo comfortable and close. Two kids and multiple trips later, I’ve definitely hauled some kids around in various countries and climates!  Great for getting around a city where strollers are difficult to lugging your kids up to a waterfall hike, these carriers have helped us do more when on vacation. 

Best All Around- Ergobaby 360

This versatile carrier enables you to wear your baby from infancy through the toddler years and is easy to get on and off.  Comfortable for parents and baby it has a lumbar support waist belt and adjustable padded shoulder straps. It’s forward facing position is ergonomic to reduce pressure on your little ones hips and it comes in a ton of colors and styles.  Easy for Dad to use as well. Use the infant insert for babies 7-12 lbs. Machine Washable. We’ve used it from infancy and even recently on a hiking trip for our 2 year old, it’s so versatile!

Best Hiking- Phil and Teds Escape

This carrier comes with a lot of bells and whistles.  It starts with a lightweight aluminum frame, base loading technology, a 5 point harness (which I appreciate especially when hiking bridges or the like).  It also has kids stirrups, a removable rain cover, a sun hood, and zip off storage compartments which can be carried as a day pack. There’s even a designated key pocket at the bottom of the bag to avoid losing your keys.  It’s Ergo-Fit lumbar support belt is extra padded to give more support and comfort for your hike. It’s suitable for kids from 3 months to 3 years (our four year old actually took a hike in it a month ago. She didn’t want to walk…)

Best Wrap- Solly Baby Wrap

At first glance wraps can seem confusing and complicated, but once you learn the method it can quickly become your favorite method of baby carrying.  Solly baby fabric is lightweight, soft and comes in tons of patterns. It’s compact and is easy to travel with and can double as a nursing cover in a pinch. It’s ideal for small babies and the first year, keeping those little ones close and keeping you hands free when you’re on the go.  Best for babies 25 lbs and under.  

Best Sling- Wild Bird

This ring sling is comfortable, portable and once you get it set up is easy to put on and off.  Children can be worn front, hip or on the back up to 35 lbs. No wrapping required and it’s compact easily fitting in your purse or diaper bag.  All Wild Bird ring slings are made by local seamstresses, supporting many work-from-home moms. Our 18 month old caught a ride in this during most of our trip through Costa Rica.  

Best for Warm Weather- Lillebaby Complete all Seasons

This ergonomic baby carrier has a full body breathable mesh which keeps your little one cooler for your summer adventure.   It also has an over-sized cargo pocket to stash more of your essentials and keep you hands free. It’s comfortable for both you and baby with adjustable straps, lumbar support and an extendable back panel.  Great for those in warmer climates or in the summer.